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Day Inspections

Using technological advances of our time, we have prepared a unique service. It works by visiting clients properties to inspect them thoroughly and gather all the information we can about everything that is stipulated on a check list approved by the client. We fill a checklist and take pictures of the problems we encounter to attached to the final report.
Without having left the property, we upload this information along with the pictures to our server and the system will then store it in a database and lets you know when the report is available. All this in a matter of minutes.
You can access your account and review the new report in real time. This report can be printed and given to the contractors to make the necessary repairs.
All the reports we do on the properties will be saved on our server and may be accessed at any time by you using your password.

Compatible with mobile devices.

A big advantage is that all these reports may be visited by you from any mobile device. This includes the full report with the attached photos.

Night inspections

Generally it should be done every two or three months. It involves sending our inspectors to visit your property at night. They take note of everything that happens on your property pertaining to the lighting. We check for everything. Parking lights, signs of the stores, the lights on the Backside, pylon signs, etc. This report will also be received by you immediately. The report includes a custom-made site plan of the property where we indicate with great detail the location of the lights that need to be repaired, saving you money and time.
The night inspection report is easy to read by any electrician and save them time as it avoids having to do daylight tests on the entire lighting system.