The impact of a good sweeping service

Regular sweeping of your parking lot ensures a presentable, clean environment. Besides cleaning unsightly paper trash, a quality sweeping service removes dirt, rocks, and sandy grit that will impact your asphalt’s longevity as cars grind it against its surface. Cleaning can be done day or night, depending on your tenants needs. For those really dirty surfaces, APEM can also wash your lot down with high pressure flushing to make it look clean and new again.


Satisfaction and Communication

Our service speaks for itself. We provide, quite possibly, the best parking lot cleaning programs in Houston. In addition to onsite management and regular inspections, we provide all of our parking lot cleaning and maintenance employees with telephones equipped digital cameras to take photos of problem areas on each site they service.

Our teams operate 365 days a year to assure that your property is cleaned each and every night before morning patrons arrive. In addition to regular cleaning, our employees are trained to inspect each property we service for graffiti, bulk items, lighting, damage or wear and tear of customers property and anything else out of the ordinary. Any items that require additional service are reported to our customers with a per occurrence cost to correct each problem. These reports are performed free of charge to all properties which require daily, weekly or monthly cleanings.
Further, we have the resources necessary to provide any follow up, emergency or general maintenance service required during regular business hours.[/vc_column_text]

Our Sweeping Services include but are not limited to:

  • Sweeping of all parking areas and entrances
  • Blowing of all sidewalks with backpack blowers
  • Bag change on trash cans
  • Rear and dumpster area cleaning
  • Shopping carts clearing available
  • Report of problem areas with pictures
  • Green areas cleaning
  • Striping available